Other Wildlife Features

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A bug hotel, great fun to build

Gardens of all sizes, from balconies to extensive acres, can be made more attractive to wildlife and more rewarding to you, if you can add a few other features, such as nest boxes, bird feeding stations, insect or bug hotels, bat roosts, and habitat piles. Some of these may be purchased, others can be constructed fairly simply. Natural Gardens can advise you on all aspects of design, situation, and construction for maximum wildlife benefit.

Creating a range of other wildlife features for your garden

We will normally incorporate various additional wildlife features when we design your wildlife garden. If you are particularly keen on attracting certain wildlife, for example birds, to your garden, then we not only incorporate trees and shrubs that will provide berries and shelter, but also recommend the best sites for feeders and bird boxes.

Insect or bug hotels can be very creatively made and form decorative garden features. Alternatively, a well-sited log pile in a secluded corner of the garden can be simply made but also form an important refuge for over-wintering insects and amphibians. We are happy to share our advice on these and can create these features for you.

Even waste organic material from restoration work on your garden can be creatively used. Habitat piles can be made from these, usually discretely placed in a shady, out of the way part of the garden. Some heat is produced as the leaves and branches slowly decay, providing hibernating places for hedgehogs, amphibians, and perhaps even a breeding site for grass snakes.