Restoring a garden for you and for wildlife

We have many years of landscaping experience in restoring dated or unmanaged gardens into attractive, usable spaces once more. A planned approach from the outset will usually save you money and give you a garden that suits your needs.

Based on our understanding of garden ecology, Natural Gardens can advise you on the elements worth retaining and others that are better replaced, in order to create an attractive new garden that is wildlife-friendly too. We can then undertake the necessary clearance and restoration work with minimal disturbance to you and to wildlife.

A planned approach to garden restoration

We will discuss your ideas and our suggestions in detail, and can then provide a restoration plan that will prioritise necessary tasks and avoid removing valuable features, such as large trees and shrubs, which offer valuable screening and habitat, and also give your garden a valuable sense of maturity.

Sensitive garden restoration can sometimes take a few years to complete. We are happy to provide you with the support of our expertise and landscaping services over this time-span if needed.


Hedge Laying Before

Hedge Laying After

Hedge Laying After