Planting an attractive wildlife garden

Wildlife Garden PlantingAttractive planting, using carefully chosen plants suited to your garden’s situation and soil, will give you enjoyment throughout the year. With years of landscaping experience, Natural Gardens can source, supply and plant a full range of high quality trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs, giving you a complete planting service. Alternatively, if you would prefer us to provide you with planting plans or plant lists so that you can do the planting yourself, then we are happy to undertake this.

Planting details

Based on our ecological expertise, we can help you to choose a range of plants that not only look attractive but are also valuable for birds, butterflies, and other wildlife. Some of these might be wildlife-friendly garden plants such as herbs and berry-bearing shrubs, while others we would recommend might be garden-worthy native plants that will bring even more wildlife to feed and live in your garden.

Planting 1You may have a small town garden and want a flowery border to attract butterflies and moths, or a selection of trees and shrubs to give winter blossom, berries and scent – we can help you achieve the best selection of plants for your garden. For clients with larger areas to plant, we can offer the expertise to plant and create wildflower meadows, woodlands, ponds and wetlands too, using UK-grown native plants and seed mixes.